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GreenHome NYC ? A group that helps small building owners, builders and suppliers of building products. Monthly meeting. Green building tours yearly.

Green Roofs ? For Healthy Cities ? Green Roof Industry Association.

Earth Pledge Initiative ? group supports the development of green, vegetated rooftops in urban areas.

            Article: "Cool(er) Roofs", Gotham Gazette.

Lighting ? Information from the US Department of Energy.

Article "Lighting: An Energy Efficient Future", Home Energy magazine

Article "Daylighting 101", BetterBricks. 

NESEA ? Northeast Sustainable Energy Association ? a storehouse of information on Green Building. 

New York City Green Building Legislation ? signed Oct 3, 2005

NYSERDA - New York State Energy Research and Development ? Green Building Services, modeling, design, grants.

            Power Naturally ? NYSERDA's renewable energy programs.

New York State Green Building Initiative ? information from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

Solar Energy- NYSEIA ? New York Solar Energy Industries Association promotes solar energy.

US Green Building Council  is "the nation's foremost coalition of leaders...[promoting] buildings that are environmentally responsible &" Founders of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards for buildings.

VOCs - US Environmental Protection Agency: Indoor Air Quality,